Reporting & Analytics

Gain insight into your business

Making sense of the vast amount of data in operational and management information systems is a challenge for many organisations.

For over 15 years BDT has been helping clients unlock value in their data and gain insight to support decision making.

Maximise the value of your data

Reporting and analytical services can help you:

  • Measure the performance of your organisation against your objectives
  • Build common understanding of your organisational metrics
  • Communicate information to people when they need it
  • Understand the factors that drive your business
  • Gain insight into your customer's behaviours
  • Meet your compliance obligations
  • Make better, more informed decisions

BDT can help deliver insight

  • Performance metrics: We deliver solutions that help you measure performance against goals and deliver the information across the organisation
  • Business intelligence: We help you implement integrated tools that allow you to analyse data from across your business to gain insight and make better decisions
  • Operational reporting: We deliver solutions that combine data from multiple sources and provide a consistent view of operational information from across your organisation
  • Data visualisation: Add value to your data through visual mashups overlaying your data with geospatial, performance or demographic information
  • Web and social analytics: Understand and gain insight into your customer behaviours