Electrical transmission utility partners with BDT to deliver a solution to manage network capacity

The optimum utilisation of network assets is a key factor in the success of this organisations business. To achieve this goal, the business needed to be fully aware of asset capabilities on an individual and collective basis.

Information relating to asset ratings was recorded in a number of disparate forms including paper based documents, custom built applications, AutoCAD drawings and the corporate asset management system making it difficult to locate, utilise and keep up to date.

BDT’s solution aggregated and captured information into a centralised repository, rationalising information sources and enabling a single source of truth. An approval workflow ensures the accuracy of information distributed throughout the organisation and its stakeholders via a web based application.

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BDT delivers mobile solution for asset inspections

Responsible for managing a large number of electrical transmission assets, the monitoring of condition and the maintenance of assets is of vital importance to this electricity utility.

BDT were engaged to replace aging inspection technology and delivered an intuitive, mobile asset inspection solution, integrating it with the existing corporate asset management application.

In addition to the scheduling and recording of asset inspections, the solution extended the functionality of the asset management system to the field with the inclusion of work order, defect reporting and condition monitoring capabilities.

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Performance reporting solution for regulated utility

As part of meeting regulatory obligations, this electricity utility was required to report performance metrics on a monthly basis. Extracting, calculating and verifying metrics was a complex and time consuming task with a number of manual steps introducing potential for error.

Following detailed analysis of the situation, BDT recommended and implemented an ETL process to automate the extraction and calculation of metrics and provide audit capability. The solution integrated with existing reporting tools and resulted in significant time savings and improved accuracy.

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