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Bricks and mortar retailer partners with BDT to deliver online retail channel

A consumer electronics and appliance retailer with an established geographic footprint wanted to leverage existing capabilities and extend its reach via an online sales channel.

Following a detailed strategy and planning process, BDT implemented a mobile enabled, open source ecommerce solution, integrating the solution with back office systems.

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BDT delivers mobile solution for asset inspections

Responsible for managing a large number of electrical transmission assets, the monitoring of condition and the maintenance of assets is of vital importance to this electricity utility.

BDT were engaged to replace aging inspection technology and delivered an intuitive, mobile asset inspection solution, integrating it with the existing corporate asset management application.

In addition to the scheduling and recording of asset inspections, the solution extended the functionality of the asset management system to the field with the inclusion of work order, defect reporting and condition monitoring capabilities.

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BDT partners with major telco to manage vendor management application

An internally developed application for managing vendor contracts was unwieldy and had become increasing unreliable as the business became more reliant upon it.

After upgrading the application to resolve usability and reliability issues, BDT delivered further enhancements to facilitate the detailed analysis of contracted vendor performance and costs.

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Reporting solution aggregates metrics for telco's online offerings

Tracking performance metrics for a diverse portfolio of online products was proving difficult for this major telco. Customer, product, revenue and infrastructure performance data was collected in multiple formats and resided in disparate repositories.

After the success of an initial proof of concept to aggregate data, measure against baseline metrics and deliver via a web based self-service portal, BDT progressively rolled out the solution to the complete product suite, managing some 600 metrics in total.

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Evaluation of online SME offering for major bank

A major bank was planning to release a new online offering targeted at the SME market. The product was a new concept created by a third party and as such exposed the bank to a number of risks.

BDT undertook and independent review of the functional, usability and technical aspects of the application, making a number of recommendations to be addressed prior to product launch.

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