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Managed application service delivers benefits for directory publisher

A custom developed application supporting the core business processes of this regional directory publishing company was incompatible with a planned infrastructure refresh.

After the initial engagement to upgrade the application to meet infrastructure requirements, the client partnered with BDT to provide on-going application support and maintenance services.

Over time BDT was able to undertake a full refresh, extending the life of the application and ensuring it remains aligned with changes in business processes.

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BDT partners with major telco to manage vendor management application

An internally developed application for managing vendor contracts was unwieldy and had become increasing unreliable as the business became more reliant upon it.

After upgrading the application to resolve usability and reliability issues, BDT delivered further enhancements to facilitate the detailed analysis of contracted vendor performance and costs.

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Reporting solution aggregates metrics for telco's online offerings

Tracking performance metrics for a diverse portfolio of online products was proving difficult for this major telco. Customer, product, revenue and infrastructure performance data was collected in multiple formats and resided in disparate repositories.

After the success of an initial proof of concept to aggregate data, measure against baseline metrics and deliver via a web based self-service portal, BDT progressively rolled out the solution to the complete product suite, managing some 600 metrics in total.

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Business grade ISP's back office systems review

A junior telco had recently implemented an ordering and service provision solution from a third party vendor. Expected benefits of the solution had not materialised due to rapid evolution of business process.

BDT undertook and independent analysis of requirements and solution capabilities, identifying gaps and making a number of recommendations to align solution functionality with business process, maximising the value of the investment.

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