Reporting & Analytics

Reporting solution aggregates metrics for telco's online offerings

Tracking performance metrics for a diverse portfolio of online products was proving difficult for this major telco. Customer, product, revenue and infrastructure performance data was collected in multiple formats and resided in disparate repositories.

After the success of an initial proof of concept to aggregate data, measure against baseline metrics and deliver via a web based self-service portal, BDT progressively rolled out the solution to the complete product suite, managing some 600 metrics in total.

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BDT delivers business intelligence solution for government department

This federal government department engaged BDT to implement a business intelligence tool to meet complex reporting requirements.

Working with the department's data warehouse team, BDT were able to define, model and extract the required data and overlay it with third party data to produce a solution and implement it nationally.

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Performance reporting solution for regulated utility

As part of meeting regulatory obligations, this electricity utility was required to report performance metrics on a monthly basis. Extracting, calculating and verifying metrics was a complex and time consuming task with a number of manual steps introducing potential for error.

Following detailed analysis of the situation, BDT recommended and implemented an ETL process to automate the extraction and calculation of metrics and provide audit capability. The solution integrated with existing reporting tools and resulted in significant time savings and improved accuracy.

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Business intelligence pilot for federal government department

Prior to full scale implementation of a business intelligence tool, this federal government department engaged BDT develop a pilot as proof of the concept.

After detailed analysis and modelling of the department's data, BDT successfully piloted the solution and transferred knowledge to internal staff enabling the rollout of the solution across the department.

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